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Our carrier customer service and repair departments can be contacted through the numbers listed below. If you are having issues with your voice or data services, you will need to establish a repair ticket with your carrier.

Voice Troubleshooting Table

Unable to make or receive calls. You may want to check your PBX system. Red lights may indicate the system needs to be reset. Contact your phone system vendor for instructions on how to properly power off your system and reset it.

Unable to make or receive calls, but your internal intercom system and voice mails are intact. The problem is likely with your carrier and not your phone system.

Opening a repair ticket. Always give specific information to the carrier regarding the problem. This may require some detective work on your part. For example: Are you able to make outbound calls, but not receive inbound calls or vice-versa? Are you able to complete some calls? If you are hearing noise on the line, how would you describe it (static, echo, cross talk, etc?).

Issues with long distance. You will need to submit 2 call examples to the carrier to open a repair ticket. Call examples must be within the last 24 hours and must include exact time of call, both originating and terminating numbers and result of the call. If the call includes a recorded message, let the carrier know exactly what is on the recorded message. Be as specific as possible-is the issue affecting all outbound calls, just certain calls, etc.

Voice Troubleshooting Table

Your internet is completely down. You may want to try power cycling your router. These are most often Adtran or Cisco equipment. If you have red lights on this equipment, it is most likely having issues. Turn the power off on the router and unplug it for a minute. Plug it back in, turn the power back on, give it a couple of minutes to reset and then see if you have regained your connection or if green lights are now showing on the router. Many of these devices will have battery backup so be sure to unplug that as well when power cycling your equipment.

Support Escalation Team

Call our main number at:

Press the * key

After Hours Emergency Support

Call our main number at:

Press leave a voice mail

If you are having after-hours issues and need to speak with one of our staff, please use our emergency voice mail box.

Leave a detailed message and one of our on call representatives will be paged to assist you.

Customer Service Contact Information

ACC Customer Service
800 309-4128
Airespring Customer Service/Repair 800-825-1055
AI Tech Customer Service/Repair 800-300-5405
CBeyond Customer Service/Repair 866-424-5100
Centurylink/Embarq Customer Service/Repair 800-850-9048
Charter Customer Service/Repair 800-314-7195
Comcast Customer Service/Repair 800-391-3000
Dialogue Customer Service/Repair 877-634-2564
Enventis Customer Service/Repair 855-368-3684
Frontier Customer Service/Repair 800-921-8102
Global Crossing Customer Service/Repair 800-249-4672
Integra Customer Service
ISP Tech Help
952 746-7200
952 746-7211
Level3 Customer Service/Repair 877-253-8353
New Edge Customer Service/Repair 877-435-7950
Nextera Customer Service/Repair 877-639-8372
Windstream Customer Service
PNG Customer Service
Qwest (now Centurylink) Customer Service Local
Repair Local
Customer Service Long Distance
Repair Long Distance
800 777-9594
800 214-8043
800 524-5249
800 524-5249
Ring2 Customer Service/Repair 866-717-0207
Sprint Customer Service
800 877-5045
TDS Customer Service/Repair 800-450-4000
TNCI Customer Service/Repair 800-800-8400
Telepacific Customer Service/Repair 800-399-4925
TimeWarner Customer Service/Repair 800-829-0420
Velocity Customer Service/Repair 763-222-1000
Verizon Customer Service/Repair 800-444-1111
Zayo Customer Service/Repair 866-629-8200

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