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Integrated Communications partners with Dialogue

With so many options when it comes to conferencing services and telecom solutions, Integrated Communications has partnered with the only one who matters: Dialogue. Although every company promises the world, Dialogue is the only one who delivers on all fronts. Whether you need innovative technology, proven methods of operating at the highest level or excellent customer service to companies of all sizes, Dialogue consistently proves they’re more than capable and Integrated Communications will never settle for anything less than that.

Gone are the days when all you’d have to do is pick up a phone to communicate with someone. Now, you have more telecom solutions than ever before: audio and/or video conferencing, web collaboration, and web casting. But with all the choices at your fingertips, you still need a reliable source that’ll let you talk to your friends and family with ease, letting you relax with the assurance that all you have to do is press a button. And in an industry that’s always changing, Dialogue is at the forefront with innovative ideas that work. No second-guessing, no trial-and-error, and no staying quiet in the background- just a desire to always be the best and brightest whet it comes to conferencing and customer service.

Grab a chair and sit down, because the range of comprehensive services you’re about to view will require you to be seated.

Dialogue Conferencing Options:

Dialogue Direct: When you need to speak with more than one person at once, the last thing on your mind should be figuring out the logistics of coordinating the call. With Dialogue Direct, you don’t have to. Even if you’re arranging a last-minute conference call, all you need is the unique pass code and dial-in number. That’s it. Get hooked up any day, everyday, in less time than it takes to butter your toast. And for those who like to keep tabs on all the details, you’ll have free access to an online portal where you can create new moderators, enter project codes, and monitor your billing, all without ever changing out of your pyjamas.
Web Dialogue: The future is always the present with Dialogue’s Web Dialogue telecom solutions. If you have anything on your computer, from a Word or Excel document to an application you want to share, your virtual audience will see it in real time with one click of the mouse. You never need a reservation to get started, and you never need to remember a bunch of different codes because all your access codes duplicate your audio conference codes. Just visit and start your presentations right away.
CITRIX GoToMeeting: The best and brightest minds don’t always reside in one location, and corralling them into one geographic place isn’t always a possibility. But with CITRIX GoToMeeting Corporate, all you have to do is name the time, not the place. Improve your results by making communication easier with CITRIX GoToMeeting, allowing users to be involved in every process from wherever they are. With technology so simple to use you can operate it blindfolded and with both hands tied behind your back, your mind will be put to ease with CITRIX GoToMeeting’s high performance, trusted security, and cost effectiveness.
Dialogue Video: Body language constitutes 93% of communication, so it makes sense to hold your meetings online and face-to-face with Dialogue Video Conferencing. See and be seen and never worry about missed messages with the latest in video technology and extensive global service. And because your needs are always a top priority, Dialogue Video Conferencing puts the emphasis on customer service, ease of use, and anytime accessibility when it comes to your telecom solutions.

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