Audit Report 20 Hours Free of Charge

Integrated communications will do the following:

We invest up to 20 hours, at $0 cost to you of our own time  auditing your Telecommunications and Networking systems. Free of charge.

Small Business Meeting

Our Process

  1. Survey client for pain points
  2. Review systems
  3. Address user experience
  4. Determine integrations
  5. Map best options in Telecommunications for your needs
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Help you with Business Intelligence decision making

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  • Must have at least 10 employees at the company
  • Be working with the Operations Manager and CFO or President of the company.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“My company was in the beginning phase of moving our headquarters location when Integrated was referred to us from Cyber Advisors as a company you can rely on for assisting companies with their network and telephony needs.  
Not only did Integrated step in and handle all of the behind the scenes work – i.e. reasonable contract negotiations with Comcast for Business and with Voyant (now Intelliquent) on getting the best services necessary that met our needs come moving day, they achieved above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. 
The team at Integrated will not only work with you in the preparation phase of your project, they will stay on and work with you to ensure you’re getting the best service possible going forward with your networking and telephony needs.  I’ll close on this note on how amazing the team at Integrated is, Mary noticed some discrepancies with one of the ISP’s bills where there was a $6,000 amount added to our account, she worked with the ISP to have that amount reversed and credited to our account – we would’ve never noticed that without their helpful and watchful eyes looking out for us.   

Partnering with Integrated over the past year has been a blessing for both myself as a leader and most importantly MGK Insect Control Systems.”

– Adam Robinson, Sr Systems IT Administrator, MGK

“Integrated has been an exceptional partner when it came to selecting bandwidth vendors for all of our 30 plus locations.  They also were great partners when we were working through a large telecom migration – from making introductions to vendors, to sitting through dozens of meetings with us to make sure it would be a good fit for our organization.  Nate and Thalina are always there for us to open trouble tickets and make sure they are resolved.  I am always appreciative of how they will continually be on the lookout for new options and price drops – over the years we have been able to lower costs while increasing the bandwidth at multiple locations.  I can’t recommend their services enough!”

– Kevin White, Director of IT, RE/MAX Results

“Letting Integrated handle our telecom accounts frees us up to focus on our business.   Their experience in working with telecom providers makes them an invaluable part of our team.”

– Scott Reid, Vice President Information Technology, Weis Builder’s

Value of this audit process is $3,500  YOUR cost is $0 as long as you qualify.