Jackass Pictures Presents: Bad Grandpa

Integrated Communications Presents: A Bad Grandpa Movie Review


The  Bad Grandpa movie, starring Johnny Knoxville, is the equivalent of a hilarious prank played-out to the maximum in as many ways as possible; and, it comes with a plot! Grandpa’s wife dies at the start of the flick. At her funeral, which is filled by caterers and church singers, grandpa sees his daughter and grandson for the first time in many years. The daughter is being sent to jail and decides to drop her son, Billy, off with grandpa to be “shipped” away to his father’s house in South Carolina.

Needless to say, many funny scenes take place on a road-trip of a lifetime for grandpa and his grandson, Billy – thankfully it’s all captured on film, and from multiple angles! Along the way, Billy and the “bad grandpa” meet many interesting characters including: a church choir, a bar full of bikers, and some fellow bingo-goers, Billy searches the crowd for a new dad, and grandpa makes quite the appearance at an all-male dance club – and so does some of grandpa’s “southern” parts.

Johnny Knoxville does NOT fail to bring a laugh, or two, or ten! The simple fact remains: “pranking” people across the country posed as an 80 yr. old man with a penchant for sex, booze, and rock N’ roll, is just plain hilarious!


Integrated Communications rates this movie with a 4 out of 5 star average.

*probably NOT suitable for everyone!!