Start to Understand Your Technology Solutions

We work with multiple partners, ie: IT vendors, phone vendors, business consultants, property management groups, telecom carrier reps, the list goes on! If clients have a need for internet and voice services or a phone system we can work together to get paid on the account. Take a look at our two agent types to see what payment structure works for you!


Individuals or companies in other industries who receive money for leads.

Referral agents can earn up to one month of billing services.


Individuals or companies who will work 50/50 with an Integrated Communications team member.

Teaming agents can earn up to 50% of the commission we get on a monthly basis for as long as that client stays with us!


Our two options for partner programs are designed to work with your team’s strategies and knowledge within the telecom and data connectivity industry.

Tired of dealing with the issues that come with phone systems or internet speeds?

  • Your company switched to remote and you are struggling with voice communication and collaboration.

  • You always seem to find a salesperson..but wonder where the heck customer service is.

  • You’re paying high costs and are looking for lower prices.

  • Your phone system is failing.

  • Your current system doesn't meet your needs. You're ready to look at switching to a cloud-based system.

  • You have support and communication issues with your carrier.

  • You’re tired of yelling into your phone asking a bot for customer service.

  • You have old technology that needs upgrading.