IT administrators have a difficult job.

According to a survey conducted by GFI, 77% of the IT admins surveyed said their job was stressful. There are many reasons for this: they must maintain systems regularly, troubleshoot problems with applications, and make sure security tools are updated and running efficiently.

Combined, these tasks take up much time and can often lead to stress and longer work hours. One solution for IT admins to consider is cloud computing.

Assistance in the Cloud

Cloud computing can take some of these daily burdens away and give IT leaders more time to focus on strategic development instead of daily maintenance tasks.

Here are just some of the many benefits cloud computing offers IT admins:

  • Automatic updating: Since the service provider for the cloud updates software, it means that is one less thing IT admins have to worry about.
  • Easier storage options: Similarly, cloud platforms give organizations a way to securely store their data, which means that IT doesn’t have to spend time maintaining storage hardware.
  • Versatility: Accessing programs through cloud-based platforms is much easier: all the employee needs is a reliable internet connection. This means that employees can access their data from the office, home, or even a coffee shop.
  • Uniformity: Since everything is internet based, IT professionals can access this information from remote machines. This means that they don’t have to spend time installing programs on every company computer.
  • Reduced workload: In the same survey by GFI, sixty percent of IT admins say they work at least six hours of overtime a week now. However, with all the benefits that cloud computing offers, it may reduce their work weeks or at least give them the opportunity to do some of this work from home.

Unexpected Value of the Cloud

When companies switch to cloud computing, it changes the role of IT professionals. Instead of spending their days maintaining software, they can become more hands-on in developing new strategies to help their businesses grow to meet their customers’ needs.

A great example of this is Electronic Arts. When the company moved some of its programs to a cloud-based platform, there was concern that the IT department may have to cut jobs or that the department would lose money.

Instead, what they discovered was that the company’s IT department didn’t have to spend time on maintenance. Instead, IT was able to spend more of their days strategically planning developments that would help drive revenue. In short, IT aligned its vision with the larger company’s vision, creating a win-win situation for all.

Overall Alignment

Companies need IT professionals more than ever when transitioning to cloud platforms. Therefore, IT admins who can adapt quickly to change become even more valuable to their company; in some instances, they can develop a strategic role in helping their company plan for the future.

Ultimately, cloud computing offers a versatile array of benefits that can make the jobs of IT admins easier. Considering the daily stress already put on them, cloud computing represents an opportunity for them to lessen their workload. Meanwhile, it frees up time for IT leaders, allowing them to pursue collaborative opportunities with other company decision-makers.