What Are VoIP and Hosted Phone Systems?

Just as modern smartphones can do so much more than a simple landline phone, VoIP and hosted business phone systems can also outperform all common tasks traditional phone systems handle and then some. Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP or IP telephony, is a valuable tool that helps any size business complete daily operations at full capacity. Some of the advantages of VoIP and hosted phone systems our clients regularly report after integration include:

• Mobility
• Flexibility
• Scalability
• Better connectivity during web and audio conferencing
• Simple CRM and Microsoft Teams integrations
• Improved redundancy, resiliency, reliability, and responsiveness
• Text and SMS capabilities
• Worldwide coverage with Integrated Communications


How Do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

Organizations of every size need a reliable business phone system such as VoIP to connect with customers and suppliers and the essential employees within a company. Hosted phone systems and VoIP work by digitizing voice data and sending it through a secure, stable internet connection.

The fast, convenient connection offered with VoIP systems makes it so employees can make calls through a traditional handset, headset, cellular application, laptop, PC, or tablet. The only thing required is a reliable internet connection.

The flexibility of utilizing every hosted phone system on the go makes these tools a popular choice for companies as they continue to grow and scale. Give the best customer service and receive better modes of communication among team members with business VoIP services at Integrated Communications.


Hosted Phone Functionalities

Hosted business phones and VoIP services offer many advantages to businesses, both large and small. With cloud phone systems, you won’t have to worry about clients ignoring incoming calls since their caller ID will register your business number instead of a personal cell phone. Some other popular features and functions of business phone systems include:

  • Automated attendants
  • Caller ID
  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Park
  • Call Paging
  • Call waiting
  • Call transferring
  • Conference bridging
  • Conference calling
  • Contact center/call center
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Salesforce, and others
  • IVR 
  • Fax to email (as PDF)
  • Find me/Follow me
  • Hold music
  • Mobile management (iOS and Android)
  • One-line sharing on multiple phones/devices
  • Ring groups
  • Videoconferencing
  • Voicemail to email (as audio files)
  • Voicemail to text (transcription)
  • Web-based system administration

Contact Integrated Communications for more information about our affordable business phone systems in Minnesota, making your daily operations run smoother than ever. Explore our range of reliable VoIP providers and find the business phone service that suits your needs perfectly.

VoIP Phone Setup with Headset

The Best Twin Cities VoIP Providers at Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications is a leading provider of Twin Cities business phone systems, partnering with other reputable sources to bring our clients the best options in voice technology today. When working with these various VoIP and hosted business phone system vendors, we can align our voice platforms to meet customer needs, from budget and cost to business application integration.

With Integrated Communications, you always receive expert services and overall customer support. We strive to offer affordable business phone systems and VoIP solutions in Minnesota to help make your operations run more efficiently every day. Explore some of the highlights of our premier hosted business phone partners below:


RingCentral is often touted as the #1 business phone system, offering unlimited internet faxing and audio conferencing on all available plans. Video meetings can include up to 100 participants, and sessions are allowed to last up to 24 hours—just in case your company needs to continue burning the midnight oil as you grow operations.


CallTower is the leading Microsoft Teams integration for hosted voice. This valuable VoIP provider boasts delivery of the most advanced unified communications and collaboration solutions. Look no further than CallTower for the best Twin Cities hosted business phone systems.

Integrated Communications - White Label Hosted

White Label Hosted is Integrated Communications’ own hosted business phone platform. Over the past year, Integrated Communications has worked tirelessly to establish an effective hosting platform for our business phone and VoIP services with a smooth integration experience.

Business phone system setup takes about 2 to 4 hours on-site. One of our highly skilled team members installs handsets, provides training, assists with VM and cellular application setup, and works through any same-day cutover issues.

At Integrated Communications, we understand the importance of a smooth setup and comprehensive explanation of new systems with our customers. Work with Integrated Communications and receive the most reliable and convenient Twin Cities business VoIP and phone system services.

Partnering With a Hosted Phone Provider in Minnesota

Integrated Communications has you covered with whatever overall communication or business phone services you might need regardless of the industry or size of your business. We’ll work closely with you to determine the different solutions you desire before recommending the right VoIP provider for your business.

Integrated Communications is a highly skilled and experienced Twin Cities business telecommunications company, streamlining phone system processes so you can continue focusing on serving your customers. Contact us today to find the perfect fit for your business’s hosted phone provider.

Let Integrated Communications Handle Your Hosted Phone Needs

Integrated Communications is a Minnesota business telecommunications company that understands how essential our long-term partnerships are with customers and providers alike. We work with organizations of every size, connecting you with the best business phone service providers in the area.

Our array of VoIP and business phone systems can help you build robust relationships with your customers and suppliers themselves, taking your business to the next level. Let Integrated Communications take control of your business telecommunications to improve communication and collaboration across the board. Contact us today to learn more about VoIP and business phone systems in Minnesota.


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