As the internet seems to be speeding up exponentially, the use of normal phone systems has become a relic of its former self. More and more businesses today are switching to a new system called Voice Over Internet Protocol, or more commonly, VoIP or Hosted Phone Services.

How does VoIP/Hosted Phones work?

VoIP/Hosted Phones works by digitizing voice data and sending it through an internet connection. This allows you to make and receive business calls, via the Internet and utilize multiple devices to handle calls. You can make calls through your traditional handset, a headset, a cell App, a laptop, a PC, an IPAD – and all you need is an Internet connection and you won’t have to worry about clients ignoring your call since their caller ID will register your business number instead of your cell phone number. 

What are VoIP/Hosted Phone Systems?

Just as a smartphone can do more than a landline phone, a VoIP/Hosted phone system for business can perform all the expected tasks of standard phone systems and then some. They’re a great choice for any size business that needs full functionality. Check our list to see if the usual features you would want to see in a business phone system are available with VoIP/Hosted solutions:

  • Automated attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Park
  • Call Paging
  • Call waiting
  • Call transferring
  • Conference bridging
  • Conference calling
  • Contact Center/Call Center
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Salesforce and others
  • IVR 
  • Fax to Email (as PDF)
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Hold music
  • Mobile management (iOS and Android)
  • One-line sharing on multiple phones/devices
  • Ring groups
  • Videoconferencing
  • Voicemail to Email (as audio file)
  • Voicemail to Text (Transcription)
  • Web-based system administration

How Many VoIP Providers Are There?

Integrated Communications has partnered with industry-leading VoIP/Hosted Phone Systems for over 8 years, to bring our customers the best choice in voice technology. By partnering with these different vendors, we are able to align our voice platforms to meet the needs of our customers from cost to business application integration, to overall support and services. Here are some highlights of our premier partners.


RingCentral, touted as “the #1 Business Phone System”, provides unlimited internet faxing and audio conferencing on all their available plans. Video meetings can include up to 100 participants, and meetings can last up to 24 hours—just in case your group needs to burn the midnight oil. 


CallTower is the Leading Microsoft Teams integration for Hosted Voice. They boast delivery of the most advanced unified communications and collaboration solutions. Do you want your Microsoft Teams phone icon to work? Look no further than Call Tower.


Voyant offers a portfolio of business communication services and APIs delivered via Voyant’s tier 1 carrier network including SIP Trunking, UCaaS, Messaging, Fax, and Data services.


Velocity Telephone is one of our local Minnesota based telephone, data, and Internet provider partners. This fully-featured business telephone solution utilizes Voice over IP to give your business the features and flexibility it needs while keeping your costs low.


Integrated Communications – White Label Hosted is Integrated Communications own Hosted platform. Over the past year, Integrated Communications has been looking into establishing our own Hosted platform to help support and service our clients.  Between the established VOIP/Hosted carrier and our new White Label product, we can ensure a good experience. For setup, we plan 2-4 hours on-site and will have one of our team members come out and install handsets, train, help with VM and Cell App setup, and work through any of those same-day cutover issues. We understand the importance of setting up and walking through new systems in person with our customers. 


CALL CENTER/CONTACT CENTER  is a very detailed and customer-specific area. We have multiple groups covering this, a few we are proud to mention including Allstream(Mitel), Ring Central, Call Tower, Evolve IP, Five 9’s, In Contact, Momentum, and Kerauno. No matter how big or small your needs are – reporting, dashboards, IVR’s, Ques, Workforce Management, etc. – we have you covered. 

How Do I Choose A VoIP Provider?

Depending on your business phone needs or overall communication needs and regardless of the device or size of your business,  Integrated Communication has you covered. We’ll find the right VoIP provider partner for your business, streamlining the process so you can focus on work.