Comprehensive Telecom Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Running a business requires overseeing and maintaining control of your clients, employees, and partnerships. It’s impossible to provide smooth, efficient services to your network without the proper communication tools and business telecom services. That’s why you need help from Integrated Communications to provide business phone systems, internet services, scalability in cloud computing, call center outsourcing, and so much more. Take advantage of our comprehensive telecom services that include:

  • Business Phones (VoIP)
  • Contact Center Services
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Business Fiber Internet
  • Broadband Internet Services
  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
  • SD/WAN
  • SIP
  • Industry-Specific Solutions

No matter what your business needs to jumpstart its growth, trust that Integrated Communications will get you set up for success. Our industry-leading experts will assist you with troubleshooting, answer questions, and help you set up and integrate your new systems to ensure you receive all the best benefits of modern telecom solutions. Explore our wide range of services and contact us for the best recommendations for your company.

Invest in Valuable Business Telecom Solutions

Investing in new software and office enhancements can feel intimidating for a growing business. We know that the last thing you want is to spend money on a new service and receive no return on your investment. However, modern telecom services are proven to significantly boost your business returns, making them a worthwhile investment.

If your current systems are slowing down productivity, hindering new business applications, or continuing to drop important client calls, make the switch to valuable business telecom solutions today. Our team keeps the cost of business phone systems and internet as low as possible, so you can push your business forward and feel confident that you’re only paying for what you need.

Benefits of Innovative Telecommunication Solutions

Contemporary business telecom solutions are vital for growing businesses in the Twin Cities to grow, scale, and remain competitive in any industry. Your clients, employees, and business partners all depend on your company to stay modern and offer the most reliable communication channels for remote productivity and customer support. Your team needs reputable connectivity to excel in your necessary daily tasks.

Taking advantage of our extensive range of allied services is a foolproof way to take your business to the next level. When you collaborate with Integrated Communications, your growing Twin Cities business will receive numerous impressive benefits, such as:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Higher employee productivity and output
  • Less downtime due to fewer outages and disruptions
  • Improved business relationships and reputation
  • More efficient internal and external communication
  • More time to focus on daily and critical operations
  • Seamless integrations with existing hardware and systems
  • loud-based services for ease of use and access from anywhere
  • Effortless customer support experiences

When growth and scalability are your business’s top priority, why keep outdated telecom services that slow you down? Don’t waste any more time and money on inadequate systems when Integrated Communications can provide industry-leading services that boost your productivity and profits. Contact us today to secure new business phone and internet services and watch your growing business take off.

Assessing Your Growing Business’s Needs

Integrated Communications is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, free business telecom audit for new and returning clients. We understand that every business has unique operational needs, so we never sell one-size-fits-all telecom packages. Our team will give personalized attention to your company throughout our partnership. Our free telecom audit allows us to evaluate your existing systems, assess areas of improvement, and make expert recommendations to upgrade your business.

Growing businesses often have many areas of improvement for business operations. Businesses that handle a high volume of incoming customer calls can benefit from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems or contact center services. Companies that utilize around-the-clock remote work can take advantage of business fiber internet, SD/WAN, and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Our free telecom audit will distinguish areas with room for improvement, and we will offer solutions to meet your needs.

Our Process

Every growing business can benefit from our free and comprehensive telecom audit because we take a personalized and thorough approach with every client. When you schedule an audit, we will:

  • Survey your growing business for strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Review your existing systems.
  • Address your current user experience.
  • Determine necessary integrations.
  • Plan the best options to meet your expanding business’s telecom needs.

Once we complete this in-depth auditing process, we will gain a detailed understanding of your business that allows us to make informed recommendations to update your telecom systems. Integrated Communications is here to help determine what solutions will take your business to the next level, whether it be fiber optic internet, business VoIP phone systems, call center outsourcing, or anything else that will meet the demands of your industry. Request a free telecom audit and get started today.

Partner With North America’s Best Business Telecom Providers

As a growing business, it’s easy to focus on sales and partnerships and overlook telecommunications along the way. If your business is plateauing and hitting roadblocks, your outdated telecom systems may be to blame. Not to mention, if you are currently working with an unreliable network partner, your productivity and reputation could be in jeopardy. You need to stay ahead of the game in the business world and secure the best business internet and phone solutions on the market. Luckily, Integrated Communications partners with only the best network providers in North America, so you can feel confident that your business will reach its full potential.

After we assess what your growing business needs during your audit, we will draw up budget-friendly solutions and help you along every step of the way, including setup and integration. We’ll help pair you with a trusted, reputable service provider that meets your needs. Thanks to our impressive lineup of providers, you can avoid outages, poor connections, and unresponsive customer service agents.

Grow and Scale Your Business Today With Help From Integrated Communications

The Integrated Communications team specializes in providing valuable telecommunications solutions to growing businesses of all sizes in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond. Whether you are hitting roadblocks due to slow business internet or outdated call center software, we can help.

We will connect you with one of our reputable providers and continue to support your efforts with around-the-clock customer support from our attentive account managers. When you work with Integrated Communications, you can say goodbye to plateaus and unreliable communication and hello to business growth. Reach your full potential as an established business, and contact us today to get started.