Comprehensive Telecom Solutions to Grow Your Small Business

Running a small business means taking on a ton of responsibilities and maintaining control of many moving parts. You can’t operate smoothly and provide services to your customers effectively without the proper communication channels and small business telecom tools on hand. That’s why you need Integrated Communications at your side to provide small business phone systems, internet services, and so much more. Take advantage of all of our allied telecom services, such as:

  • Business Phones
  • Contact Center Services
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Business Fiber Internet
  • Broadband Internet Services
  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
  • SD/WAN
  • SIP
  • Industry-specific Solutions

No matter what your small business needs, you know you’re covered with Integrated Communications. Our industry-trained experts are available to assist you with any issues, answer questions, or address concerns to ensure you’re receiving all of the best benefits of our small business telecom solutions. Take your time exploring our extensive range of services and select the solutions that will work most effectively for your growing small business.

Invest in Impressive Small Business Telecom Solutions

You’re likely already aware of the expenses associated with opening and successfully growing a small business. Although it can be intimidating to dig into your budget to update your telecom solutions, this big investment can be incredibly beneficial to your bottom line. If your existing systems are slowing you down, not supporting new business applications, or continuing to boot your clients off calls, consider making a switch to more intuitive business telecom solutions that scale with your company. We keep the cost of small business phone systems and small business internet solutions as low as possible and base fees on your needs, so you can continue pushing your business forward without feeling overwhelmed financially by this essential investment.

Benefits of Allied Telecommunication Solutions

Innovative business telecom solutions are a necessity for small businesses to stay competitive in any industry. Clients and suppliers alike rely on your company to keep up with the times and offer strong, solid communication channels to customer support. In addition, your teams need reliable connectivity to complete daily tasks that drive your business forward.

Utilizing our full range of allied services is an excellent method to make your way to the top. Take advantage of our Twin Cities telecommunications solutions for small businesses and receive several fantastic benefits, such as:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Higher employee productivity and output
  • Less downtime due to outages or disruptions
  • Improved business relationships and reputation
  • Better communication amongst teams and with customers
  • More time to focus on daily and critical operations
  • Seamless integrations with existing hardware and systems
  • Cloud-based services for ease of use and access from anywhere
  • Painless customer support experiences

You undoubtedly want your small business to succeed, so why settle for telecom services that simply slow you down? Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective solutions when Integrated Communications is here to provide top-of-the-line services that supply an abundance of benefits. Contact us today to secure any (or all) of our small business phone and internet services and see your company continue to flourish.

Assessing Your Small Business Needs

We understand that every small business is unique and operates differently. As a result, we strive to offer individualized solutions to precisely fit your small business’s specific needs. We put care and attention into every one of our small business clients, utilizing a telecom audit to evaluate your existing systems, assess points of improvement, and make expert recommendations to better your business.

As a business owner, you might be wondering how you can benefit from our robust small business telecommunications solutions in the Twin Cities. Small businesses that handle a high influx of incoming customer calls throughout the day might benefit from small business phone systems or contact center services better than a company that keeps most of its communications internal. Organizations relying on constant, around-the-clock connectivity and fast uploads or downloads might be more suited to take advantage of our small business internet solutions such as business fiber, broadband, SD/WAN, and SIP. Our free telecom audit aims to distinguish the solutions that will serve your business needs most effectively.

Our Process

Every small business can benefit from our comprehensive business telecom audit because we take a thorough approach with each client. A brief overview of our audit process includes:

1. Surveying your small business for strengths and pain points
2. Reviewing your existing systems
3. Addressing your current user experience
4. Determining necessary integrations
5. Mapping the best options to meet your small business telecom needs

This in-depth process allows us to understand your business better and make practical recommendations to update your systems. We’re here to help you determine what works best for your needs, whether it’s small business internet solutions, small business phone systems, call center outsourcing, or anything else your industry and its market might demand. Request your free telecom audit online today to get started.

Partner With North America’s Best Business Telecom Providers

Because budding small businesses require a lot of time and attention, it’s easy to overlook your telecommunications solutions. Many small business owners make the mistake of dismissing these critical updates just to save a little extra cash. However, sliding by with an outdated system or an unreliable provider can put your business relationships and reputation at risk. You need to stay on top of your game and secure great small business internet and phone solutions from our wide selection of North American providers to propel your enterprise to the top.

After we assess what your small business needs exactly and settle on a realistic budget, we can get to work choosing the robust small business telecom solutions that are right for you. We’ll point you in the direction of a reputable provider that fits into your financial plans. Avoid outages or poor connections and only pay for the services you need with our impressive slate of providers.

We’re Here to Support Your Small Business

At Integrated Communications, our industry-trained team specializes in providing effective telecommunications solutions to small businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond. Whether you want to outsource your call center operations or you’re looking to secure long-term small business internet solutions, we have you covered. We’ll connect you with one of our reputable providers and set you up for success with responsive, around-the-clock customer support. Say goodbye to poor connections and slow communication amongst your teams with Integrated Communications. Contact us now to take advantage of the fantastic business telecom solutions we offer today.