A Trusting St. Cloud Telecom Team You Can Rely On

Integrated Communication is a dedicated telecommunication service provider in St. Cloud. We connect possibilities to productivity by offering quality and scalable business solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we also go as far as North America, where we offer quality telecommunication solutions to our clients.

We offer a wide range of services. Whether you need quality call center operations or a fiber network, you will have all you need from us. Our outsourced services help you offer satisfactory services to your clients, leading to increased productivity and business growth. Contact us today to discuss and help you meet all your telecom needs in St. Cloud.

Reliable Services From a Devoted St. Cloud Telecom Company

At Integrated Communications, we understand that value and professionalism matter most to our clients. If you need enhanced collaboration and increased productivity, we will help you achieve it. Our team is efficient and highly productive, offering a wide range of services, such as:

  • Business Phones
  • Contact Center Services
  • Business Fiber Internet
  • Broadband Internet Service
  • SD/WAN
  • SIP Services

Persisting Relationships

We believe in making our customers comfortable with us by building healthy and robust relationships.

Uninterrupted Communication

Our customers communicate directly to our customer support team, meaning you don’t have to worry about automated robots.

Exceptional Support

Our highly-qualified support team helps your customers get quality feedback in a timely manner regardless of the service.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been in the field for over 25 years, meaning you can trust our team to offer valuable services without compromising the quality.

Cutting-Edge Approaches

Our team is highly innovative and stays updated with the industry trends, so you can achieve your business goals in real-time.

Dedicated Telecom Service

We know effective management and operation is a must for a quality telecom provider, and we’ll have you covered no matter what.

Schedule a Free Telecom Audit Today

Before you invest in our St. Cloud telecom services, we will carry out a free telecom audit to understand your business needs. This enables you to access and identify issues in your current system and get recommendations for the right upgrades or new integrations for your system. Schedule your audit today, so you can start moving toward growth and advancement.

  • Assess the current pain points
  • Review your existing system
  • Address any user experience issues
  • Recommend necessary upgrades and integrations
  • Implement the most beneficial business telecom options

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

Integrated Communications has a team of professionals with in-depth understanding and experience in telecom services. Our staff value solid relationships and comprehensive customer support above anything else. We have a good track record of success and excellence over the years, and we are ready to help you achieve your telecom goals with ease. Learn more about our ever-friendly team to see how we can help your business scale with our vital communications services.

Trust the Best Telecom Provider in St. Cloud

Working with the best telecom provider keeps your operations running smoothly without worrying about slowing down. We work around the clock to offer quality services with higher speed, greater bandwidth, and exceptional customer care service in St Cloud. We promise you will never have to deal with a robot. Instead, you will talk directly to our highly-trained and reliable customer support professionals.

With our wide range of services, such as fiber internet, business phones, call center solutions, among other essential services in St. Cloud, you can customize your solutions to suit your business needs and stay connected with your staff and customers.

If you’re tired of the ever poor connectivity and slow networks, it is time to switch. Trust our team for all your telecom needs in Rochester. Upgrade your systems today with our high-quality solutions at Integrated Communications and grow your business.