Experiencing Connectivity Issues?
Integrated Communications Has You Covered

Every business needs a strong connection and reliable servers to keep up with the demands of daily operations and client needs. Integrated Communications offers business telecom services so your Twin Cities enterprise can succeed in its industry.

Stay connected to customers and within your organization with our expert telecom broker services. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to contact a telecom broker at Integrated Communications:

  • Automated bots or a complete lack of customer service with your current telecom solution
  • Constant server failures with your carrier
  • Communication errors with clients or customers
  • Lapses in communication within your organization or teams
  • Failing phone systems
  • High rates from your current carrier
  • Old technology needs upgrading now

Don’t let lapses in communication and connectivity tarnish your trusted business reputation when there are solutions available that never slow you down. Integrated Communications can help eliminate any telecommunications issues with our expert Twin Cities telecom broker services.

How Integrated Communication Can Help

Watch your business or company expand with expert telecom broker services from Integrated Communications. We keep things running smoothly with our fast, reliable servers and telecommunications tools. Here are the primary ways we can help propel your business forward today with business telecom systems:

Always Adapting

At Integrated Communications, we understand the companies in every industry are subject to changes at any time. That’s why we strive to adapt and scale with your business’s changing needs, not just make a sale. Integrated Communications offers support during moves, disconnects, carrier changes, additions, renewals, and more.

Live Support

Talking to a robot instead of a real person can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it impacts your ability to provide quality service to your customers. Integrated Communications offers live customer support from genuine human beings — no, we can’t believe it either. At Integrated Communications, customer service isn’t merely a department; it’s our company mindset.


Integrated Communications employs a trusted team of industry-leading experts. Our reliable, service-oriented staff stays up to date with modern technology and industry techniques to provide your business with the best telecom broker services.

Comprehensive Care

Integrated Communications is your one-stop shop for all business network and telephone needs. With our telecom broker services, you get the best of both worlds; we can sell you valuable services and still consult with many providers on your behalf. Our team of telecom brokers takes the challenges out of business communications, implementing robust solutions for whatever your business requires.

Multiple Carriers

At Integrated Communications, we strive to find your business the best solutions for your budget. Select from multiple carriers so you can find a network that meets your needs every time. Explore your options with the telecom brokers at Integrated Communications today.

Stress-Free Services

We know how annoying it can be to deal with automated customer service instead of an actual person. We prioritize stress-free customer service and easy-to-use solutions so you can stay stress-free while boosting your small business. Let Integrated Solutions deal with the frustrating side of telecom services while you remain focused on growing your business.

Expert Services at Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications works with organizations and enterprises of every size, providing telecom solutions to advance your daily operations and improve productivity. Explore our service offerings below and find the best fit for your business needs now:

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is becoming a pillar in organizations across industries. Find valuable Twin Cities VoIP services from the trusted telecom brokers at Integrated Communications and speed up your customer service efforts exponentially.

Integrated Communications can offer business broadband COAX internet services from various providers nationwide for both primary and secondary internet connections. Our telecom brokers help with pre-qualifications, order processing, and long-term support so that you can stay focused on your business.

Larger, more reliable bandwidth is one of the many aspects of our business fiber internet services at Integrated Communications. We understand how crucial high bandwidth can be in business, so we’ve teamed up with some of the best business fiber internet providers in the nation. We’ll help you explore every fiber option to find who can deliver the services and support you need to succeed.

Integrated Communications keeps up with ever-changing technologies to meet your business’s need for bigger bandwidth and rising data network redundancy. Explore emerging SD/WAN systems and technologies to achieve these requirements in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. We have business telecommunications solutions from several SD/WAN providers across the country, so you’ll always find a great fit. from the telecom brokers at Integrated Communications.

Voice technology is evolving rapidly, and SIP gives your business the ability to create more redundancy and utilize pooled resources across your organization. Integrated Communications brings you the best Twin Cities SIP services, giving your business the flexibility to function from the office, home, or anywhere else in the world using SIP technology.

How you interact with customers and clients on a daily basis can make or break your working relationships. Integrated Communications offers contact centers and integrations with online support systems, allowing your organization to provide superior customer service and meet client needs. Whether it’s a phone call, email, text, or web chat, we can connect your business with the best contact center groups by partnering with an array of experienced providers.

Getting Started With Our Trusted Telecom Brokers

Getting started with Integrated Communications is a fast, straightforward process. Simply follow the following few steps to receive quality business phone services from trusted telecom brokers in the Twin Cities:

Step 1

Contact the team of highly trained telecom specialists at Integrated Communications for assistance with all of your business’s internet and hosted phone needs.

Step 2

Complete a free, no-obligation consultation with a telecom broker at Integrated Communications to see if we have the right telecom solutions to suit your business needs.

Step 3

Consider your options and compare plans with multiple carriers before picking one that’s right for your business.

Step 4

Integrated Communications reaches out to the carrier of your choice to obtain the best rates for reliable telecommunications services.

Step 5

After the sale with your carrier is complete, Integrated Communications acts as the primary contact point when you need on-the-spot support and ongoing maintenance.

Step 6

Once you’re working with Integrated Communications, you can return to your responsibilities as a business owner. With our telecom solutions, you can focus on growth and success!

If you’re tired of telecom systems that slow down your business and put you on the bad sides of clients, it’s time to make the switch. Contact Integrated Communications for intuitive communication solutions from the Twin Cities best telecom broker service.

Why Go With Integrated Communications?

At Integrated Communications, we understand the importance of creating partnerships with our customers for the long term. To meet our main goals as a Twin Cities telecom company, we are constantly investing in our people, processes, and vendor relationships to ensure we exceed your every expectation.

Our expert telecom brokers bring you a wide range of services from several nationally renowned providers. Use business telecom solutions from Integrated Communications to transform your enterprise and take efficiency levels to the top.

Integrated Communications has years of experience using industry-leading technologies to improve your company’s communications and productivity. Our unique partnerships and overall approach to business telecom services allow us to offer better resources and support.

Our customers value the time we take to grasp their business needs fully. We stay current on technology trends, provide up-to-date information on related solutions and monitor any pricing changes in the marketplace that might impact your business’s bottom line.

With our proactive management style, we can support your business now and in the future. Whether it is a simple billing question or a long-term project, businesses like yours can always lean on Integrated Communications to take the hassle out of business telecom technology. Contact the telecom brokers at Integrated Communications today to get started with our valuable business telecommunications solutions.

See What Others Are Saying...

Integrated Communications has helped us install, manage and upgrade networks on our 29 national locations. We look them for all our voice and data needs.

Kevin – from General Parts

I’ve enjoyed working with Integrated Communications! They’ve done a great job helping us find the right VOIP solution and internet vendor for our needs. I love that they take care of coordinating with the vendors and following up with them as well.

Grant A. Meyer – from Fure Financial

Integrated Communications knows the market and has all the vendor relationships already… they’ve been our go-to for many years and on countless projects to help us secure effective internet circuits, telecom services, and many others. Integrated’s services have been invaluable to this organization and have enabled us to save lots of time and resources.

Curtis Kooiman – from TES

Dealing with phones and our communications has sort of fallen onto me as a responsibility and I am beyond grateful to have Mary and Integrated there to help me with whatever I need. Mary is always the first one I call with any question or issue and she is extremely responsive, helping in whatever way she can. If she can’t answer my question off the bat or find a solution to our problem, she immediately opens a ticket with our carrier and communicates with them until the issue solved. It really saves the time and frustration of calling the carrier directly. I could go on and on about what a life-saver Mary has been, it really helps to have someone who knows you, your company, and your needs. Because of that, she was also able to introduce us to an internet product that was far and away better than what we are using at a very comparable cost. Would highly recommend Integrated Communications if you want to save time, money, and the hassle of dealing with big carrier companies directly.

Jackie Jones – from Vantage Financial

Integrated has been there for us. When we first started with them, we had issues with finger pointing from our service provider and our phone company. Mary cut through all the misinformation, got to the source, got the problem resolved. They have moved us from an old phone system to a state of the art IP phone system that has proved invaluable in our new normal. They allow me to not have to worry about our communications and focus on my job. A true asset for us.

Mike Robinson – from Dick’s Sanitation

Ten years ago we started using Integrated, since that time we have setup dozens of accounts with many different providers of phone and internet, all with one point of contact.  They do all the leg work for you, research options, find the best price, coordinate install, and follow up on billing to make sure everything is correct.  Then in the future when things inevitably go wrong with the providers, they are there to help communicate with support, no more struggling to get ahold of a live person.  Integrated is a business that costs you nothing to utilize, but creates value in everything they do, I recommend them to any business big or small.

Jeff Richtman – from Stillwater Commons