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Integrated Communications, Inc
1040 6th Street South
Hopkins, MN 55343

Local Contact Information

Local PHONE: 763-201-8000
Local FAX: 763-201-8001

Toll-Free Contact Information

Toll Free PHONE: 800-814-2575
Toll Free FAX: 888-546-8898

Tired of dealing with the issues that come with phone systems or internet speeds?

  • Your company switched to remote and you are struggling with voice communication and collaboration.

  • You always seem to find a salesperson..but wonder where the heck customer service is.

  • You’re paying high costs and are looking for lower prices.

  • Your phone system is failing.

  • Your current system doesn't meet your needs. You're ready to look at switching to a cloud-based system.

  • You have support and communication issues with your carrier.

  • You’re tired of yelling into your phone asking a bot for customer service.

  • You have old technology that needs upgrading.