A Twin Cities Telecom Team Dedicated to Excellence

Small local boutiques, large Fortune 500 companies, and all businesses in between need telecommunication solutions they can rely on. The dedicated team at Integrated Communications has been serving the Minneapolis metro area for over 25 years, providing contact center services, internet options, SD-WAN integrations, and more. 

With over two decades of experience as Minneapolis telecom providers, our team takes the stress out of finding reliable business phone and internet solutions. Our Twin Cities telecom brokers assess where our clients could improve with a free network audit. Then, we bring valuable services and tools right to their doorstep so they can improve their communication, efficiency, and productivity without interruption.

Meet Our Team Members

The team at Integrated Communications values strong relationships over anything else. With many years of impressive experience, caring personalities, and an eagerness to support all our clients’ telecom needs, we promise to improve business communications, productivity, and growth.

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Our Company Values

The expert team at Integrated Communications upholds core values when working with each other and our diverse clientele. Our strong connections with network providers and customer-first approach make our team the premier telecommunications service provider in the Twin Cities. We value relationships, reliability, and transparency, and we strive to provide consistently outstanding service to all our clients.

Long-Standing Relationships

Our number one priority is connecting with clients in the Minneapolis metro area who want to form a valuable relationship with a telecom provider they can trust. Once our clients work with the Integrated Communications team, they have a reliable partner for life.

Unmatched Communication

Our friendly team consists of real people, not robots, so calls and emails never go unanswered. While other companies leave clients hanging after they make a sale, Integrated Communications will help with installation, training, implementation, and transition.

Accessible Support

Other telecom businesses don’t provide support representatives. At Integrated Communications, we prioritize having three account managers on our team who operate as support agents, get to know specific needs, and answer any questions at no extra cost to our clients.

Industry Expertise

With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our sharp team stays up-to-date with all the tried-and-true solutions and latest innovations. From SD-WAN to contact center services to fiber internet, our team knows how to optimize any business.

Innovative Solutions

Our team doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions that supplier-direct teams try to sell. Through our free network audits and detailed conversations with clients, we create innovative solutions for each business’s unique needs.

A Company That Cares

At Integrated Communications, we understand that business telecommunications can be a confusing marketplace. With this in mind, we only focus on products and providers that our clients genuinely need. We get to know our clients’ telecom needs by getting to know them.



I started my career in 1985 with American Sharecom (now Level3). At American Sharecom we sold long distance and data services only to business customers. I then went to LDDS (MCI) continuing to sell ld to business customers. My last corp employeer was Sprint Communication selling long distance and data. I found that although I enjoyed working with large business customers I wanted to be able to give them a lasting relationship that could offer more products from just one source.

I took a leap of faith and started my own small business doing just that. I started out selling ATT long distance to businesses across MN. Four years later and lots of hard work, I was able to hire my first employee. We continued to sell ld and data up to 1998 at which point US West allowed competition to sell in the 14 state Bell region. As of today we currently have 8 full time employees which bring a total of 70+ years of telecom experience to our customers. I enjoy working with our many different clients and value the lasting relationships I have made over the past 25+ years.

I started Integrated Communications in 1989 and enjoy working with all our clients on a daily basis, and being part of a positive telecom experience. I enjoy being with friends and family. I spend my time outside of the office fishing, hunting, golfing and always love good road trip! I bought an RV this past year so will be hitting the road on occasion to see our wonderful country.

My kids are wonderful… Holly is living in Madison working for a Micro Finance group that helps entrepreneur/local start-ups in smaller countries around the world. Joey is pursuing his dream in the golf course management and has come back to work at Hazeltine National Golf Club and my youngest daughter Hope is a Sophomore at the U of M working on Economics degree.



I joined ICI in the spring of 2021. My favorite projects are helping with multi-location integration and connectivity to unlock the full potential of a business. Meaningful employee and customer communication is king; providing a consultative approach and partnering with the best in the industry is how we make that happen.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Managerial Finance & Corporate Accounting from the University North Dakota Fighting Sioux, 2016. Running a small business throughout my college years helped me to apply the textbooks to the real world as well as understanding what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk.

At the end of the day, I’m another Minnesotan. The things I love most are outdoors: Golfing, hockey, hunting, camping, pulling my son behind the boat, and working under a car.



I have worked with Integrated Communications since October of 2009 and have been in the telecommunications industry since 2006. I love being a consultant to my clients and having the ability to work with them on any aspect of their communications with any vendor in the market. It allows me to deliver the right product and technology for the business 100% of the time.

When I am not at work solving the world’s problems, I keep myself busy with the normal MN activities. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, snowboarding, traveling, snowmobiling, softball and just about anything outside.

Account Manager


Friends, family and just about everyone who knows me will tell you three things. One: I’m a current events junkie. Two: I take great satisfaction in planting, harvesting and eating the vegetables and herbs I grow in my backyard garden (yum!) and Three: My family is the epicenter of my life.

Office Manager

Hope Brettingen

I am excited to be working with everyone from customers to vendors! I graduated from the University of Minnesota with an economics degree and previously, I was a Commercial Insurance Analyst.

I have also worked in accounting and small business bookkeeping. I love spending time with friends, family (including two awesome nephews), and am an avid bingo enthusiast (although the luck is not usually in my favor). I am also a proud mother of a golden retriever!

Account Manager

Brittney Hagensick

I have been in Management for over 10 years, and this is by far my favorite job.

Everyone in this company treats me like a family member and I know for certain they will treat you like one as well. At Integrated our job is to help and care about people; I am so grateful I get to spend my days being a part of that.

A couple things about me, I am married, I have one child, and my family is my favorite thing in this world. I have two nieces, two nephews, and they all have a way with stealing my heart daily! Moving onto my hobbies, one of my favorite winter hobbies is broomball, and I just recently started coaching my son’s basketball team.

In the summertime I love hiking, taking my boat out, and really anything to do with being outside. I look forward to chatting with all of you in the future and learning more about you as well.

Independent Consultant


I have been in the phone business for 25 years. My Motto: ”Think of me as an employee of yours, but you don’t have to pay for me.” We are reimbursed by the carriers we recommend. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have a married son who blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. We also have a married daughter who blessed us on St Patty’s Day 2014 with identical twin girls. My favorite past times are golf and ALL Minnesota sports; good and bad.

Account Manager


I have been in telecommunications business for over 14 years. I worked at Centurylink from 2000 to 2014 so I bring a lot of knowledge of the business with me. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful team.

I am a mom of 2 wonderful boys JJ and Jordan, and have 3 beautiful grandchildren, Chloe, Jaxson, and Jagger, they are the center of my life right now. I have been married to my husband Jim for 26 years. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.



Hello! My name is Dan and I’m one of the newer members of Integrated Communications. Building relationships is at the heart of IC and is something I’m very passionate about as well. Businesses turn to us when they are tired of being just a number that deals with ever-changing vendor reps or 1-800 customer service teams and are looking for a partner who cares for them and takes care of their telecom and/or IT needs. We work to accommodate your specific needs!

A little about me, I graduated from the University of Minnesota in Finance and Marketing. After spending time in the banking world as an analyst and in equity sales, I decided to move into the fast-paced world of Telecom/IT and am loving it. Outside of work, I spend most of my summers on the golf course, at the cabin, or traveling with family and friends. In the winter you’ll find me doing anything to stay sane!