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I’ve enjoyed working with Integrated Communications! They’ve done a great job helping us find the right VOIP solution and internet vendor for our needs. I love that they take care of coordinating with the vendors and following up with them as well.
Grant A. Meyer
Grant A. Meyer from Wealth Advisor
Integrated has been there for us. When we first started with them, we had issues with finger pointing from our service provider and our phone company. Mary cut through all the misinformation, got to the source, got the problem resolved. They have moved us from an old phone system to a state of the art IP phone system that has proved invaluable in our new normal. They allow me to not have to worry about our communications and focus on my job. A true asset for us.
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson from Dick’s Sanitation
Ten years ago we started using Integrated, since that time we have setup dozens of accounts with many different providers of phone and internet, all with one point of contact.  They do all the leg work for you, research options, find the best price, coordinate install, and follow up on billing to make sure everything is correct.  Then in the future when things inevitably go wrong with the providers, they are there to help communicate with support, no more struggling to get ahold of a live person.  Integrated is a business that costs you nothing to utilize, but creates value in everything they do, I recommend them to any business big or small.
Jeff Richtman
Jeff Richtman from Stillwater Commons
Dealing with phones and our communications has sort of fallen onto me as a responsibility and I am beyond grateful to have Mary and Integrated there to help me with whatever I need. Mary is always the first one I call with any question or issue and she is extremely responsive, helping in whatever way she can. If she can’t answer my question off the bat or find a solution to our problem, she immediately opens a ticket with our carrier and communicates with them until the issue solved. It really saves the time and frustration of calling the carrier directly. I could go on and on about what a life-saver Mary has been, it really helps to have someone who knows you, your company, and your needs. Because of that, she was also able to introduce us to an internet product that was far and away better than what we are using at a very comparable cost. Would highly recommend Integrated Communications if you want to save time, money, and the hassle of dealing with big carrier companies directly.
Jackie Jones
Jackie Jones from Vantage Financial
Integrated Communications knows the market and has all the vendor relationships already… they’ve been our go-to for many years and on countless projects to help us secure effective internet circuits, telecom services, and many others. Integrated’s services have been invaluable to this organization and have enabled us to save lots of time and resources.
Curtis Kooiman
Curtis Kooiman from TES
Integrated Communications has helped us install, manage and upgrade networks on our 29 national locations. We look them for all our voice and data needs.
Kevin from General Parts