Improving Daily Operations With Integrated Communications

Enterprises in every industry require robust servers with solid connections to keep up with client demands and daily operations. Integrated Communications employs a team of expert business telecom brokers to integrate innovative solutions that help improve your business’s workflow and keep you in constant contact with customers.

We can help streamline your customer service operations, so you’re always connected with clients when they need assistance. Our business telecom services also help staff within your organization stay connected throughout the day without any interruptions. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, Integrated Communications can certainly help:

  • Current telecom carriers only have automated bots or completely lack customer service
  • Near constant server failures with an existing carrier
  • High rates of miscommunication with clients or customers
  • Communication lapses amongst employees
  • Failing or outdated business phone systems
  • Expensive rates for unreliable business telecom services
  • Old business telecom technology needs immediate upgrades

Connectivity issues, old systems, and lacking customer service can significantly impact business relationships. Don’t settle for less than stellar business telecom services when you can get the best from Integrated Communications.

Integrated Communications Has You Covered

The Twin Cities business telecom brokers at Integrated Communications always have your back regarding reliable connectivity and super-fast servers. Here’s how our business telecom services can help take your organization’s efficiency to the next level:


Industry trends are constantly changing, so we strive to scale and adapt to your needs as business expands. We assist during moves, additions, disconnects, carrier changes, and more.

Live Support

Talking to a robot is incredibly frustrating when you need assistance right away. We provide live customer support every step of the way.

Industry Expertise

Our experienced staff is service-oriented and always up to date with current industry trends and technology to provide the best business telecom solutions.

Superior Service

We’re your one-stop shop for all business telecom services, offering live customer care from initial installation through renewals, upgrades, and anything else your business needs.

Multiple Carriers

With business telecom services from a broad network of carriers, you can select a provider that fits perfectly with your business needs and your budget.

Stress-Free Solutions

Integrated Communications acts as your primary point of contact when you need business telecom service support. We deal with the confusing side of telecommunications and talk to providers on your behalf, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Integrated Communications is on your side every step of the way when it comes to business telecom services. Stop wasting your organization’s valuable time and money on low-quality business telecom services when there’s a better solution. Receive reliable Twin Cities telecom services at Integrated Communications.

Explore Our Broad Offering of Business Telecom Services

Integrated Communications offers businesses of every size in the Twin Cities telecom services you can trust. We provide a wide range of business telecom services so you can continue growing your business using the best solutions. Explore each service below to find the telecom solution that best fits your business needs:

The rise in demand for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is trending across industries. Integrated Communications offers business VoIP services in the Twin Cities. Our reliable team of expert telecom brokers can recommend the right solutions to speed up your business’s customer service operations and offer VoIP setup services.

At Integrated Communications, you can find high-quality business broadband COAX internet services from a wide range of reputable service providers across the United States. Our telecom brokers offer business broadband COAX internet services for both primary and secondary internet connections. We can assist with pre-qualifications, order processing, long-term support, and other business broadband COAX internet services so that you can stay focused on your company’s core competencies.

When your business needs larger, more robust bandwidth, Integrated Communications has your back. With our network of business fiber internet providers, you’ll find the highest bandwidth at the best prices.

Stay on track with the ever-changing technologies your business needs with bigger bandwidth and more data network redundancy. Integrated Communications can integrate emerging SD/WAN systems to meet these needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Select budget-friendly business telecom services from several SD/WAN providers nationwide through the network at Integrated Communications.

With rapidly evolving voice technology, SIP allows your small business to create more data network redundancy and use pooled resources within your organization, improving productivity through flexibility and functionality. Work with Integrated Communications to receive robust SIP solutions and other business telecom services that boost your organization’s efficiency.

Daily interactions with customers and clients require constant connectivity and secure communication lines. Integrated Communications offers customer center services, so you can remain stress-free while our experienced providers deal with day-to-day customer support. We can connect your business to a dedicated contact center group with various customer service options, including phone, email, text, or web chat support.

The Next Steps Toward Better Business Telecom Services

If you’re looking for reliable Twin Cities business telecom services, select Integrated Communications as your provider. Getting started with our innovative business telecom solutions is a quick and straightforward process. Here’s how you can get on your way to super business telecom services with just a few simple steps:

Step 1

Contact the business telecom brokers at Integrated Communications for all of your business’s internet and hosted phone needs.

Step 2

Complete our free, no-obligation consultation to see if our business telecom solutions are suited to your needs.

Step 3

Consider each service and compare plans with multiple providers before picking a carrier that’s right for your business (and budget).

Step 4

After choosing your services, Integrated Communications reaches out to carriers to obtain the best rates for business telecommunications services.

Step 5

Once the sale with your selected carrier is complete, Integrated Communications acts as the primary contact point for on-the-spot customer support and continued telecommunications maintenance.

Step 6

When you work with Integrated Communications, you can focus on various business responsibilities instead of worrying about your telecom services. Utilize our business telecom solutions for growth and success!

Don’t let unreliable telecom systems and low bandwidth slow your business down during crucial growth phases. Prioritize high-quality business telecom services from Integrated Communications to increase productivity and improve communication with your valued customers.

Taking You to the Top With Twin Cities Business Telecom Services

The team of experienced business telecom brokers at Integrated Communications understands the importance of building long-term partnerships with customers. Customer service is so much more than just another department in an office; to Integrated Communications, it’s a crucial component of our company’s core values.

As a business owner, you likely agree that outstanding customer service is essential to running a successful operation. Our goal is to give our customers comprehensive business telecom services that exceed their expectations every time. Talk to the telecom brokers at Integrated Communications to learn more about how our modern business phone systems and other telecommunications technologies can take your business to the top.