What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, a software-defined wide area network, is a unique networking approach that aims to enhance network traffic management by moving it away from slow, hardware-based solutions to more current cloud services. Your business needs next-generation software like the cloud or centrally hosted software as a service (SaaS) models for better network visibility, agility, and control.

Business SD-WAN solutions optimize online traffic based on your customized preferences, regardless of network changes, impairments, or congestion. With continuous adaptation, you can combat brownouts and blackouts or potential security breaches.

Your business needs SD-WAN solutions to run certain software and applications. We’ll set up your business with high-quality equipment and reliable services from the nation’s best providers. Typically, SD-WAN deployments for businesses often include:

  • Existing routers
  • New switches
  • SaaS models
  • CMS and vCPE software
  • Security software
  • And more


How Do SD-WAN Services Work?

SD-WAN solutions must utilize a centralized control function to offer the most secure and dynamic network that supports various business applications and cloud services.

With an on-premise control center, you can incorporate unique traffic routing and user-defined application segregation quite simply. In addition, having control over traffic delivery paths across the network allows for fast, flexible deployment options and an overall improvement in user experience (UX).

High-quality SD-WAN services like the ones offered by Integrated Communications’ reliable partners can automatically adapt to network changes, ensuring that application performance remains strong even in the event of connectivity issues. In today’s modern business environment, your company can’t survive without support from North America’s most trusted SD-WAN providers.

Traditional WANs vs. SD-WAN Systems

You can think of traditional WANs like a conventional router you might find in your home. However, older WAN systems were never designed for traffic like what’s found in the cloud today. As a result, traditional WANs won’t have the ability to meet cloud data and traffic demands due to delays caused by backhauls in the system’s off-site architecture. These backhauls can impair application performance and lead to lost productivity, plus a less than stellar user experience.

Instead of lagging behind with traditional WANs, businesses are beginning to make the switch to SD-WAN systems. Unlike the conventional WAN model, cloud services and applications work best with SD-WAN solutions for business. SD-WAN solutions deliver the highest performance levels for plenty of popular business applications like Office 365, Dropbox, and more.

Since SD-WAN was explicitly designed to support these kinds of applications and software with on-premise data hubs, SD-WAN won’t slow your business down the same way traditional solutions would in the past. Put your business first with affordable SD-WAN services from Integrated Communications.

Benefits of SD-WAN Solutions for Businesses

There are so many advantages to obtaining SD-WAN services for your business. Integrated Communications can help get your business started with SD-WAN so that you can reap all of these amazing benefits:

Consistent UX Quality

It can be frustrating to visit a website or use software that works great one second, then stalls and slows down the next. And what’s more annoying than applications that quit unexpectedly or experience many interruptions? You need business-grade SD-WAN services to combat these issues and offer a consistent user experience to your customers. SD-WAN overcomes challenges like latency and packet loss, redirecting traffic to better-performing links. Plus, it can give you the power required to optimize your business applications.

Customized Orchestration

With SD-WAN, segregating channels and traffic routes is an effortless task. We’ll set your business up with reliable SD-WAN services and show you exactly how to utilize each capability with extensive training from our experienced business telecommunications specialists.

Adaptation and Automation

One of the significant advantages of SD-WAN services is the adaptability and automation they provide. Prioritize traffic and customize its route with reliable SD-WAN for business. SD-WAN acts as a seamless failover when one channel’s connection is too slow, so your organization and customers are never left in the dark or waiting for an application to load.

Continued Performance

Since SD-WAN services adapt based on the current connectivity, traffic levels, and congestion, it can help maintain continued performance across applications. Users won’t notice any lapses or lack of data with SD-WAN because you can segregate traffic based on applications or use cases. Additionally, SD-WAN gives users a real-time look at their network performance and overall statistics.

Network Reliability

With SD-WAN solutions for business from Integrated Communications, you’ll have the most reliable network, no matter the congestion or blackouts you may experience. In addition, we replace old MPLS or VPNs to provide a secure, meshed private network for your business. That means no more angry phone calls from clients or ecommerce customers who can’t get your website or business applications to load or who lost important data in a breach.

Why Select SD-WAN Services From Integrated Communications?

The landscape of every industry is changing, and your business needs to keep up in order to continue serving your customers and providing high-quality products and services. Traditional WAN won’t be able to meet the demands of daily business operations, but Integrated Communications has your back with the best SD-WAN solutions for business.

Connect to the cloud, utilize innovative SaaS solutions, get real-time performance insights, and more with SD-WAN from Integrated Communications. We partner with a vast network of business internet providers in North America, allowing your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Schedule a free network assessment with one of our knowledgeable telecommunications specialists in the Twin Cities to see if your business shouldn’t make the switch to SD-WAN services today.

Beyond Your Basic Business Internet

At Integrated Communications, we make speed, security, and scalability our top priorities when teaming up with your company. Keep up with modern times and take your business to the next level with our affordable SD-WAN solutions for business. Between our robust network of nationwide providers and reliable customer support, you can easily stay connected with your customers and within your organization.

Integrated Communications gives you the customized, individualized care and attention that other big-name carriers just can’t provide. We put your needs first and make business telecommunication services simple, so you can continue focusing on what matters most to your organization.

Get started with Integrated Communications today to receive a free network assessment. Our business telecommunications experts can ascertain whether SD-WAN services are the right fit for your business. With more security, seamless failover connections, and cloud services that continue growing along with your business, SD-WAN solutions might just be what your team needs. Contact us now to learn more about reliable business SD-WAN in the Twin Cities and beyond.


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