Faster Business Fiber Optic Internet in the Twin Cities and Beyond

Integrated Communications is a business telecommunications company in the Twin Cities, but our range of reliable services goes far beyond Minnesota. Our team of telecommunications specialists can match your small business with the best business fiber optic internet providers nationwide, with unlimited speeds and affordable packages.


What Is Fiber Optic Internet for Businesses?

Fiber optic internet sometimes called fiber internet or just “fiber,” is a reliable broadband internet connection reaching speeds up to 1 GIG. Fiber optic internet does everything traditional broadband services can do, but significantly faster, with low lag times and fewer connectivity problems.

Fiber optic cables can transmit data at nearly 70% light speed and are much less susceptible to issues and outages during bad weather conditions than traditional broadband cables. Fiber optic internet is an ideal connection for networks with multiple users and devices working at once, making it a desirable option for businesses. Keep your employees connected to customers and each other at all times with business fiber internet from Integrated Communications.


Why Does My Business Need Business Fiber Internet?

It’s hard to keep operations running smoothly with unreliable business internet with constant issues or outages, and seemingly nonexistent customer support. There are several reasons to select high-speed business fiber optic internet from Integrated Communications to continue growing your company and serving your customers. We offer:

  • Dedicated business-class service
  • High service level agreements for every customer
  • Unlimited business internet speeds
  • Truck rolls and system configurations
  • Ultra-fast uptimes and response times to service issues
  • Symmetrical speeds for faster uploads than broadband options
  • Low latency and less packet loss
  • Competitive business fiber internet cost
  • Internet and private network services for businesses
  • Business fiber internet services anywhere in North America

Fiber internet is a better option for businesses than traditional broadband solutions, offering fast uploads and excellent connection for voice and video. Our fiber optic internet is never shared, so you always get the speed you paid for. Plus, there are no limits on speed, so your business can secure the highest speeds you’re willing to pay for from Integrated Communications’ network of national partners. Call us today to schedule a free telecom audit and find business fiber internet services to improve your business anywhere in North America.

Benefits of Business Fiber Internet From Integrated Communications

Businesses of every size and industry need reliable business internet to stay connected with customers, suppliers, and other essential business partnerships. Integrated Communications offers unlimited, high-speed business fiber optic internet from North America’s top providers. Put your business ahead of the competition and take advantage of business fiber internet from Integrated Communications.


At Integrated Communications, we offer business fiber internet services with unlimited symmetrical speeds. The symmetry of our business internet services allows for lightning-fast upload times that always beat out basic broadband internet. Don’t settle for internet speeds that continue failing to meet the demands of daily business operations. Go with affordable business fiber optic internet from Integrated Communications for the fastest, most reliable speeds in the Twin Cities and beyond.


Another attractive feature of our business fiber internet is the price point. No business owner wants to break the bank for slow, unreliable business fiber internet. Thus, Integrated Communications strives to provide business fiber internet that fits into any size budget. We want to help your business grow, not go broke. Find the fastest and most affordable options for business internet in Minnesota at Integrated Communications.


It’s no use paying for business internet that just isn’t meeting your needs. Integrated Communications knows how vital reliable business internet services are for an enterprise to achieve success. Start with our secure business internet in Minnesota; we make sure our fiber optic internet services are dedicated to your business, so you’re never sharing speeds or open to security threats.

Go online now to contact our team or give Integrated Communications a toll-free call at 1(800) 814-2575 to learn more about our options for business fiber internet in Minnesota.

Fiber Optic Internet Plugins

The Most Reliable Business Internet Providers in Minnesota

It’s impossible to run a high-functioning and successful business without support from the fastest fiber optic internet providers. Integrated Communications is proud to partner with several reputable sources for high-speed business internet, including nationally recognized names like Comcast, AT&T, Cox, Spectrum, and so many more.

Stop wasting your time and your business’s money on low-quality business internet solutions. Start with Integrated Communications now and make the switch to high-speed business fiber optic internet services from the nation’s most reliable providers.

Choosing the Right Business Fiber Internet Provider

There are a few critical things business owners need to consider when choosing a business fiber internet provider. Cost obviously plays a significant role in what many business owners believe is right for their business, but it’s essential to explore each provider’s packages a bit further. Keep the following few things in mind while working with the telecommunications experts at Integrated Communications to find the right business fiber provider for your business:

• What internet speeds your business needs
• Average yearly downtime or outages for each provider
• Contract lengths and obligations
• Equipment bundles and setup options
• Security and storage solutions

Choosing an internet service provider for your business is simple with Integrated Communications at your side. We’ll walk you through every option and ensure you understand the fine print before signing any contracts with a trusted name in our network of North American business internet providers. Contact Integrated Communications to discuss your needs and find the best internet provider for your business now.

Around the Clock Support for Business Fiber Optic Internet Services

Integrated Communications is your one-stop solution for business fiber optic internet services in Minnesota and anywhere else in North America. We supply our customers with comprehensive support from the initial installation throughout the duration of your services. With Integrated Communications, there’s never any downtime or disconnection from your company and customers.

Select Integrated Communications as your partner in high-speed fiber internet for business. We offer affordable packages from nationwide internet providers to help put your business in a position to grow. Go online now to schedule a free telecom audit with Integrated Communications and change up your internet to the best fiber optic networks for business.


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