Hotels and Motels Must Invest in Quality Telecom Solutions

Between booking up the rest of your empty rooms each night, fielding pressing questions from your present guests, and fulfilling critical requests from incoming visitors, your business likely makes and receives a lot of phone calls and completes other kinds of online communication throughout the day. As a result, business telecom solutions for hotels and motels are strictly required to supply the utmost care and attention to your customers. We’re proud to offer a wide range of business telecom services in the Twin Cities to take your hotel operations to the next level. Whether you want new phone systems for every hotel room or need a more reliable internet provider to improve your internal communications, we can help set you up for success with the most beneficial business telecom solutions for hotels and motels.

Benefits of Business Telecom Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Besides better communication, investing in faster and more reliable business phone or internet solutions can bring your hotel or motel many excellent benefits. Utilizing our slate of services as unified allied solutions is a wonderful way to unlock all of the advantages of hotel telecom systems. After selecting our trusted business telecom services for the hospitality sector, you can expect several benefits and improvements to your hospitality business operation, such as:

• Stronger connections
• Lower costs
• Scalability
• Flexibility
• Improved internal communication
• Less downtime
• Streamlined customer service
• Higher customer satisfaction and retention
• Greater efficiency

Don’t waste any more of your team’s time or your company’s hard-earned cash on inefficient and unreliable services that leave guests unsatisfied with their hotel experience. Upgrade your existing systems to include our impressive range of valuable solutions and immediately see vast improvements to your business operations. Contact us today to discuss your options and determine the best modern business telecom services for your hotel or motel.

Selecting Your Telecom Services

Phone and internet services are some of the most vital solutions for hotels and motels, but Integrated Communications offers much more. Whether you want to outsource your call center operations to save your team time or you need to upgrade your business internet to handle higher inquiry volumes, you can find valuable and affordable telecom solutions right here.

Business Phone Solutions

Maybe a worn-out family of five wants to make life easier and order room service tonight, or your friendly front desk staff might need to connect with a current guest in an emergency. No matter what, hotel phone systems will be vital to your business operations. We offer classic business phone solutions, including SIP trunking services, in addition to our modern Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) selection. Our range of allied hotel business phone solutions includes several fantastic functions, such as:

  • AI and chatbot capabilities
  • CRM integrations
  • Internet calling
  • Mobility for remote work
  • Call recording
  • Text and SMS capabilities
  • Web and audio conferencing
  • VoIP and hosted phone options

Business Internet Options

Between business fiber internet and broadband internet solutions for businesses, you’ll find the best hotel internet services to meet your needs at Integrated Communications. Our knowledgeable telecommunications specialists make it easy to select a partner and package that works for your facility after assessing your existing network. We’ll find the slower, weak spots and make suggestions for a hotel internet system from one of North America’s best providers to bring impressive speed and efficient connections to your establishment. Our renowned North American internet providers offer packages that include:

  • Private and guest wifi options
  • Secure internal communications
  • Remote office connectivity
  • Cloud-based data backups and recovery
  • Fail-over internet connections
  • Low latency and less packet loss
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • Competitive costs for dedicated business-class service

Call Center Services

Hotel customers often have many questions regarding their upcoming or past stays, but let’s face it, fielding hundreds or even thousands of customer inquiries a week can get overwhelming for even the most organized hospitality teams. For that reason, we’re proud to provide innovative call center services for hospitality to simplify your processes. Utilize our unique hospitality call center outsourcing solutions to free up some of your on-site employees’ time to focus on more vital tasks. Call Center as a Service or CCaaS is another excellent and easy-to-integrate option that automates communication channels and makes contacting your hotel business a complete breeze when guests have questions or problems. Examples of the most valuable aspects of our call center for hospitality services include:

  • Screen and call recording
  • Custom scripting
  • In-depth analytics and performance metrics
  • Automated customer surveys
  • Inbound/outbound dialers
  • CRM and application integration
  • Voice recognition
  • Real-time workforce management

Get a Free Telecom Audit to Grasp Your Facility’s Needs

Operating a hotel or motel without a business internet or phone system is close to impossible, so you probably already have some kind of solution in place. The problem, however, lies in your current system’s efficacy. If you’re noticing more dropped calls, slower downloads, poor communication, and increased overall downtime, it’s time to consider making a switch. Integrated Communications offers a free telecom audit to tell you where your weak points are so you can make the proper adjustments and improve your business. Look through the process of our comprehensive business telecom audit below.


Explore Our Proven Process

The business telecom experts at Integrated Communications employ a thorough assessment of your existing systems to understand your business and its needs better. We know the ins and outs of the hospitality industry, so we can help your hotel, motel, Airbnb, VRBO, or any other hospitality facility find the proper business phone and internet solutions using our proven auditing process. Your free telecom audit from Integrated Communications will include:

  1. Surveys of your system’s strengths and weak points
  2. Reviews of your existing solutions
  3. Assessments of your current user experience (UX)
  4. Determination of any necessary new integrations
  5. Mapping of the best small business telecom options to meet your needs

After the free telecom audit is complete, you’ll receive an onslaught of practical recommendations from our knowledgeable Twin Cities telecom team. Then you can start implementing our outstanding solutions and see improvements to your hotel business right away. Take the first step and fill out our simple online form to schedule your free consultation for a business telecommunications audit today.

Grow Your Business With the Greatest Telecom Solutions for Hotels

Planning a family vacation or quick solo getaway can seem exciting but also comes with a lot of additional stress for your guests. Between booking a room and ensuring all requests are met by management, hotel operators like yourself must handle many moving parts to provide a positive guest experience. As a result, we continuously strive to offer robust business telecommunications solutions for hotels and motels that ensure the smoothest trip for your customers from check-in to check-out. Between business phones, fiber internet services, and contact center solutions, Integrated Communications has your hotel business covered. Contact our dedicated team of friendly business telecom experts in the Twin Cities today to equip your hotel, motel, or other hospitality facilities with everything you need to grow your business in the hospitality sector and gain new, satisfied guests.