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We offer a wide range of outstanding business telecom services at Integrated Communications, helping your company expand operations and work more efficiently. The following services are available to help you successfully connect within your teams and with your customers:

  • Business Phones and VoIP
  • Contact Center Services
  • Business Fiber Internet
  • Broadband Internet Services
  • SD/WAN
  • SIP

Select from any of our excellent business telecom solutions and boost your productivity and connectivity tenfold. If you ever experience any issues, you can trust that our team of highly skilled customer service specialists will point you in the right direction of a solution for exactly what’s wrong.

Easy Troubleshooting Instructions if You Ever Get Stuck

So, you’re set up with a robust system of telecom solutions from our trusted Twin Cities business telecommunications company. But now, you’re facing a few issues getting things started or staying connected. Although we work tirelessly to ensure you don’t have very many (or any) hiccups along the way, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid minor issues with your telecom carrier. Below, we outline some critical tips and tricks to keep in mind to troubleshoot many of the common problems our customers experience easily:

Voice Troubleshooting

You’re unable to make or receive calls

In these cases, check out your PBX system. Red lights are often an indicator that your system needs to be reset. You can contact your phone system vendor directly for detailed instructions on how to properly turn off and reset your voice system.

You cannot make or receive calls, but the internal intercom system and voicemail are intact

The problem here is likely with your carrier. Get in contact with your provider directly to find alternative ways to eliminate this issue.

You want to open a repair ticket

When submitting your repair tickets to a carrier, ensure you’re providing as much information as possible. It may require some sleuthing and detective work on your part to pick up on all of the details. For example, if you can hear noises on the line, how would you describe the sound? Is it like static, an echo, cross talk, etc.? Or maybe you cannot complete certain outbound or inbound calls. All of these critical details will help your business telecom carrier troubleshoot the repair ticket quickly.

You’re having issues with long-distance calls

In order to open a repair ticket with your carrier for long-distance issues, you must submit two call examples from within the last 24 hours, and include information like the exact call time, originating and terminating numbers, and the result of the call.

Internet Troubleshooting

Your internet connection is completely down

Try power cycling your router, which is typically a piece of Adtran or Cisco equipment. If the machinery shows red lights, you most likely have a problem with the equipment itself. In this case, power off the router and unplug it for a minute. Then plug it back in, allow it to reset itself for a few more minutes, and see if you’ve regained a connection. You’ll be able to tell because green lights should be showing on the router. Many routers have battery backup, so make sure to unplug that from the device as well when power cycling your equipment.

All Other Services

If you don’t see the problem you’re experiencing listed above, you’re likely going to need assistance from our expert team of customer service representatives who can connect you with the correct point of contact at your carrier. Get in touch with our support escalation team online or by phone at 763-201-8000 to give us a better idea of the issue, so we can start crafting a plan to mitigate the problem immediately with your business telecom provider.

Here’s What We Have to Offer

At Integrated Communications, we make each and every customer our top priority because we know just how critical your business telecommunications can be to your growth. Between our useful solutions, affordable provider packages, and lightning-fast customer service, you’ll reap plenty of benefits by working with us. Here’s what we have to offer your business:

Comprehensive Services

We’re proud to provide a wide range of useful business telecom services, such as business phones, broadband and fiber internet services, outsourced contact center solutions, and so much more. You can pick and choose the business telecommunications products and services you need and select from our network of reputable North American providers. Your teams can work more efficiently and serve your customers better after implementing a variety of our valuable telecom services.

Adaptive Solutions

We understand that your primary goal as a business owner is to, of course, grow your business! One of the best aspects of our business telecom solutions is their ability to adapt and scale as you grow too. We offer faster speeds and more broadband from some of the nation’s best business telecom providers, so you know you’re receiving a reliable solution every time. Switching over your services can be stressful, so why not work with a business telecom company that can match your upward trajectory instead? Put your trust in us to offer you adaptive solutions every step of the way while you continue growing.

On-the-Spot Support

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re constantly confronted with recordings and robot callers from your current business telecom provider. That’s why we place so much emphasis on our around-the-clock support from genuine human beings. Instead of angrily tapping your keypad or repeating questions to an AI software, our responsive customer service team offers real-time support when it really matters. Now, you’ll never be in the dark during any connection issues or left with questions about your services thanks to our world-class customer support.

Multiple Carrier Options

There is absolutely no shortage of options when it comes to our business telecom providers here at Integrated Communication. We work hard to get to know your business. This way, we can connect your business with one of many reputable companies we partner with from across North America. Depending on your needs, we can determine which business telecom provider is the best fit for your business and budget. With so many carriers to choose from, you can get any speed or amount of bandwidth required to run your daily operations smoothly.

Customizable Care

We know that every business is unique, and one service that benefits a business might not be the best fit for yours. That’s why we strive to offer individualized telecom business solutions. With a completely customized solution from a business telecom company you can trust, you can stay within your budget and only pay for the services you need. And, if you don’t know what your business needs, our experts can help you determine that with our free business telecom audit.

Guaranteed Results

The business world is a competitive place regardless of the industry you’re operating within. Your clients expect a certain level of care and responsiveness from your company. That’s why businesses like yours must invest in robust telecom business solutions to serve clients better. At Integrated Communications, we provide the best business telecom services in the Twin Cities, helping you stay ahead of the competition and in good standing with your customers. From business phones to fiber networks, you’ll always find an outstanding solution with us.

Still Need Help Troubleshooting Your Telecom Business Services?

Our team of Twin Cities business telecom specialists has vast experience dealing with all kinds of issues. We can assist your business with the initial setup, installation, migrations, and overall maintenance of your solutions. Additionally, we offer around-the-clock support from real people, so your problems are always dealt with swiftly. Whether we can resolve your issue ourselves or we need to connect you with your carrier for additional information, you can trust our team of business telecom specialists to ensure your operations are up and running in no time with expert troubleshooting solutions for your phones, networks, and more.

Work With Superior Telecom Business Solutions Specialists

At Integrated Communications, we take your telecom business solutions seriously, ensuring that your business functions efficiently every day. Don’t keep wasting your time and money on unreliable business telecom providers with poor connectivity and automated customer service. Instead, opt for individualized solutions from someone you can trust. We have years of experience under our belts and know exactly what your business needs when it comes to phones, fiber internet, call center services, and so much more. You’ll be highly satisfied with our real-time customer support and affordable telecom solutions for businesses. Contact our team today to receive your free telecom audit and start with superior telecom business solutions in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and beyond.