SD-WAN Is the Right Choice for Your Business

Why SD-WAN Is the Right Choice for Your Business

Enterprise applications are rapidly expanding into the cloud, giving more reasons for organizations to adopt complex routing solutions. Site-to-site connectivity is no longer a priority when employees can access computing and storage applications like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Google Cloud, and Dropbox without sending traffic back to the corporate office.

However, conventional technologies like VPN and MPLS have failed to keep pace with the needs of complex wide area networks (WANs). They also add delays and degrade network performance, as everything is called from the corporate branch.

SD-WAN centers on connecting our remote sites to our core network. It can bring diverse network functions and resources into a unified platform and use the internet to reach enterprise applications hosted on the cloud.
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Best Internet for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Internet for Your Business

Internet connectivity today is as crucial as water and electricity services for homes and businesses. We rely on it for almost everything now, from VoIP calls and emails to shopping and entertainment. Knowing how to choose the best internet for your business will help you derive the most value out of your services and help you save money on communication expenses.

If you have interactive applications like an online store, a quality internet connection helps you deliver the best user experience for your customers with high availability and faster searches.

When you need help setting up the internet or if you’re planning to switch providers, come to Integrated Communications for the right solutions.
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