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September 11, 2013, a few employees of Integrated Communications trekked to Chicago for the Cloud Partners Event! Many things were learned, and the keynote speaker really portrayed the importance and relevance of “the cloud”, but, of course, we also had quite the Chicago adventure.

Check out pictures from our Chicago outing and the great experiences we endured – including the engagement of two Integrated employees!



We all bought train and bus basses for Chicago, and I’m sure we all HIGHLY recommend going this route if you’re ever in the area. It was a convenient and affordable way to travel around the great city.

IMAG0197                            IMAG0198                       IMAG0199


IMAG0488                  IMAG0491



They keynote speaker for the event was excellent. She had some interesting statistics and bits of insight – definitely a great choice!



Cloud Partners               IMAG0310




Who knew pants could be art? Chicago did!

IMAG0215                             IMAG0210                                         IMAG0395          IMAG0475



Buddy Guy came out on stage while Setara and Nick had FRONT-ROW seats at Buddy Guy’s Legends! It was an awesome experience, the music was great and the gumbo was fantastic!

IMG_20130912_075230       IMG_20130912_110144


Dialogue Conferencing was spectacular and invited all four of us to attend the lake and river boat tour with them! We captured some beautiful scenery shots while on the boat. Enjoy!


IMAG0308                                IMG_20130911_023951





IMG_20130911_065336                        IMG_20130911_065007







This place was amazing! The FREE zoo captured out hearts with Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

IMG_20130913_063448                 IMAG0902

IMG_20130913_060611                                        IMG_20130913_060405


IMAG0428                               IMAG0452



Yes, we went UP, WAY UP (about 110 floors) to the top of the tallest tower – once named the Sears tower, this tower comes equip with a sky deck, and one heck-of-a-view!

IMAG0375                   IMAG0881            IMAG0391



IMAG0392                              IMG_20130913_064124


While in Chicago (on the last day and last stop), Nick proposed to his girlfriend and Integrated employee, Setara. Right next to Lincoln Park at the butterfly conservatory, this couple got engaged – It was SPECTACULAR. I love you Nick – I DO 🙂

Butterfly                     IMG_20130913_032138









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